Renovations to The Shores At Spooners Creek          January 2016



Since original construction of The Shores in 2006 there had been problems with mildew and rain water leaks.  To address the issues,  The Shores HOA Board hired a company staffed by architects, engineers and experts in construction to investigate and determine the exact causes.  They found two major causes:  1) Air Penetration    2)   Water Intrusion.  With the problems clearly identified and found to be the result of improper construction the Board moved forward with obtaining compensation to repair the problems.  Following a lengthy litigation with the original general contractor and some of  their sub-contractors, a settlement was reached.  

The HOA then contracted with Stancil Builders to perform the repairs under the watchful direction of the engineering / architectural firm of Fuller Group Inc. from South Carolina and the renovations to the buildings were begun in January of 2016.  

The photo album below is a compilation of photos taken during the repairs to The Shores.   You will see that Water Intrusion into several  condos was eliminated by removing poorly installed exterior siding and flashings.  Air Intrusion of all the condos  was eliminated by removing the existing insulation in the inside exterior facing walls and replacing it with open cell foam (sprayed application) as well as the sealing of numerous "holes" found in the exterior walls which allowed warm moist air to flow into the condos .        The two problems which were determined  by the engineers and architects were thus eliminated.

(revised 4/4/16)

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Water Intrusion: Removal of exterior siding and wrap material was necessary. The more protective "tar paper" was installed.

Sealing around windows and corners of the building where leaks had been found

It was necessary to remove much of the exterior paneling and planking to make repairs and eliminate water intrusion.

Installation of new wrap and Hardi material was approved by the architects and engineers.

Original construction did not have properly installed flashings. Newly installed flashings were included as part of the renovations.

Many of the exterior walls were affected by water intrusion and required repairs.

Windows were removed, new seals installed and flashed as required.

The exterior buidling repairs were made and exterior painting is the next step in the long awaited process.

Removal of previously installed wrapping materials was necessary and the buildings were then wrapped with new insulating barrier.

Air Penetration: End units required extensive interior wall removal to eliminate air penetration which resulted in mildew.

Center units required front and rear walls to be repaired.

Drywall was removed to replace the existing insulation, locate and seal air intruding holes and to spray the open cell foam.

With old insulation removed, walls were inspected for possible issues with original construction.

Professional installation of open cell foam eliminates Air Penetration thus giving the condo better air quality inside.

A full six inches of open cell foam was sprayed on all inside exterior walls, resulting in a positive seal of the condo.

Front bedrooms of all condos, each with an exterior facing wall, were included in the repairs.

New drywall was installed and Air Penetration was eliminated by the repairs.

Every outter wall was insulated with 6 inches of foam insulation

Corner living area

Guest bedroom in Breakers Building

Some wall did not require complete drywall removal to obtain the planned finished results.

A corner unit's living area.

Master bedroom in one unit with previously installed wall paper.

The Aqua Building, viewed from one of the adjoining lots

Breakers Building with it's new coat of paint

Merry Christmas 2016

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